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This device is guaranteed 2 years parts and labour in its country of purchase against any manufacturing defects validated by our technical department. *The After-sales Service of PRESIDENT reserves the right not to apply the warranty if a breakdown is caused by an antenna other than those distributed by PRESIDENT, and if said antenna is at the origin of the breakdown. An extension of 3 years warranty is proposed systematically for the purchase and use of a PRESIDENT antenna, bringing the total duration of the warranty to 5 years. In order to be valid, the warranty certificate must be returned within a period of 30 days after the purchase date to the After-sales Service of the company Groupe President Electronics, or any foreign subsidiary.
It is recommended to carefully read the following conditions and to respect them under penalty of losing their benefit.

  • To be valid the warranty certificate must be returned to us at the latest 1 month after the purchase.
  • Please duly complete the warranty certificate, detach it (portion to be removed marked by dotted line) and send it back.
  • Any repair under warranty will be free and the return delivery costs will be borne by our company.
  • A purchase proof must be necessarily included with the device to be repaired.
  • The dates listed on the warranty certificate and proof of purchase must match.
  • Do not proceed with the installation of the device without reading the user manual.
  • No spare part will be sent nor exchanged by our services under warranty.
The warranty is only valid in the country of purchase.


Exclusions (are not covered):

  • Damages caused by accident, shock or inadequate packaging.
  • Power transistors, microphones, lights, fuses and the non respect of the installation and use of specifications (including but not limited to antenna used with too high power, final output power transistors (SWR), inversion of polarities, bad connections, overvoltage,….)
  • The warranty cannot be extended due to the non-availability of the device while it is being serviced at our technical services location, nor by a change of one or more components or spare parts.
  • Transceivers which have been modified. The warranty application is excluded in case of modification or poor maintenance done by a third party not approved by our company.


If you note malfunctions:

  • Check the power supply of your device and the quality of the fuse.
  • Check that the antenna, the microphone…. are correctly connected.
  • Check that the squelch level is properly adjusted; the programmed configuration is the correct one.
  • In case the device is not under warranty, the repair and return of the device will be charged.
  • All related documents must be preserved even after the end of the warranty period and if you resell your device, given to the new owner for the After-sales follow-up.
  • In case of real malfunction, please contact your dealer first; they will decide action to be taken.
  • In case of an intervention not covered by the warranty, an estimate will be established before any repair.


Thank you for your trust in the PRESIDENT quality and experience. We recommend that you read the manual carefully so that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.