General Warranty Conditions

Learn how to benefit from market guarantees and services for your CB radio equipment at President Electronics.

We take very seriously the satisfaction of our customers and we have established a warranty system and after-sale service to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your purchase. In case you encounter any problem with a product purchased from us, please, feel free to contact us for help. We will do our best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently. We hope you will never have to use our warranty or after-sale service, but if it is necessary, our role is to help you.

Some distributed by President products offer a fully free commercial warranty according to the details given in the description of the concerned products in the President Website:

  • CB President Transceiver: 3 year additional warranty granted for the purchase and/or the use of a PRESIDENT branded antenna.
  • PRESIDENT Antenna: 8 year warranty (10 year warranty for the whips except export antennas).

In case of fault, the Products are covered by the warranty as of the date of the purchase invoice for the indicated period. The batteries and audio accessories are completely exchanged within eight (8) days in case of manufacturing defect during the whole period of commercial warranty.

The bill and/or the delivery note issued together with your order is your warranty document. A copy of it must absolutely be provided in case of a return of a Product ; the PRESIDENT After Sale Laboratory will examen the returned product and will evaluate wether the claim of the customer is covered by the present commercial warranty.

If all the warranty conditions are not fulfilled, no action, such as repair, exchange or credit note can be done.

If the fault of the Product is acknowledged and not linked to one of the causes of exception as stipulated here above, PRESIDENT must proceed to the repair of the Product as quickly as possible. The Products for exchange must be provided completed, in their original packaging.

This Commercial Warranty does not include: the normal wear of a Product, the disregard of the instructions of mounting and use, the negligence, the bad maintenance, non-compliant use, external acidental causes (such as choc, fall, fire).

2+3 garantieLogo 2+3 years warranty

Our transceivers have 2 year warranty including spare parts and labour in the country of purchase against any manufaturing defetcs recognozed by our Techical department. The PRESIDENT AFTER SALE LABORATORY reserves the right not to apply the guarantee in case of damage caused by other than President branded antenna. A 3 year warranty extension is systematically offered for the purchase and the use of a PRESIDENT branded antenna leading to a total warranty period of 5 years valid upon provided bill of purchase within 30 days to the President After Sale Service or the relative President Branch.
It is recommended to carefully read the following conditions and respect them under penalty of loosing the warranty.


Are covered:

  • To be valid, the warranty must be returned at latest 30 days after the purchase date.
  • Any intervention under the warranty conditions shall be free of charges and the shipping costs shall be supported by our Company.
  • The bill of purchase must be added to the device that has to be repaired.
  • The dates on the bill and on the warranty chit must comply.
  • Don’t isntall your radio without reading the instructions manual.
  • No spare parts will be sent or exchanged under warranty by our After Sale Service.
  • The Warranty is valid in the country of purchase only.

Are not covered:

  • Damages caused by accident, shok or insufficient packaging.
  • Power transistor, microphones, lamps, fuses and damages due to misuse (uncontrolles antenna, too high SWR, polarity reversal, bad connections, over voltage …)
  • The warranty cannot be extended due to an immobilization of the device in our laboratory, neither due to an exchange of one or more components or spare parts.
  • Interventions that have altered any conformity characteristics, repairs or modifications made by third parties not approved by our company.

If you notice any malfuctions:

  • Check the power supply and the quality of the fuse.
  • Control the various connections : jacks, antenna socket, microphone socket…
  • Make sure of the correct position of the different settings of your device : micro gain in max position, squelch in minimum, PA/CB switch and so on…
  • In case of not supported by the warranty fault, the intervention and the shipping back to the customer will be charged.
  • The warranty voucher must be kept even after the end of the warranty and if you resell your device, give it to the new owner for the good after sale followup.
  • In case of real malfunction, first, you hve to contact your dealer who will inform you about the following steps to undertake.
  • In case of intervention non covered by the warranty a quotation will be prepared before any repair.

You have just trusted the PRESIDENT quality and experience and we thank you for that. For your full satisfaction with your purchase, we advice to carefully read the user manual. Don’t forget to return the warraty voucher to us. It is very important for you, as it allows to indentify your device if eventully it comes for repair to us.

Logo 10 year warranty

All our antennas are guaranteed 8 years against any manufacturing defects found by our factory in Barcelona and on presentation of the proof of purchase (antenna whip guaranteed 10 years except export antennas).

We remind you that the acquisition of a PRESIDENT antenna opens an additional 3 year warranty for PRESIDENT CB radio or a total of 5 years.